How to rank up faster in PUBG Mobile

PlayerUnknown’s Battle Grounds has become the Number 1 Battle Royale Game on Android Playstore and has a Huge Fanbase to it, this game ranks players on different leader boards and players can compare their performance with others in real time, these rankings are in the Form of tiers starting from Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown, Ace and Conqueror. and each tier till Ace has about 5 levels from 5 to 1. It would feel great to have that ACE or for that matter the CONQUEROR frame on your ID right ? when you see all those Pro Players online getting those kills and their Frame speaks for itself that theyre the force to be reckoned with. But youre wondering how to get to that level of expertis, then this is the post youre looking for, here I will break it down step by step How you can rank up fast and also some practical tips that I am going to share with you that will help you gain that rank faster Let’s get Started.

The way you play the game has a lot of impact on your ratings and in turn can affect how fast you can attain the ranks,

Usually there are two kinds of players

  1. Defensive
  2. Offensive  

Defensive players in the sense they don’t do much of hotdrops they drop at a much safer non-noisy locations like some distant compounds for example Mansion or shelter etc, gather some loot, kill some bots, and survive till the final circle and they don’t take un necessary fights at all, they engage if only required. This kind of gameplay can usually get you great Survival Rating but not the Kill Ratings I will explain both these terms later in this post for now just keep them in mind.

Second approach to the game is what I call an Offensive Approach these kinda of players usually drop down at the nearest Hotdrop to the Flight Path, hotdrops like Pochinki, Military Base, Gergopol Crates, Novo Crates etc, they drop down get a gun and start hunting, they might succeed to gather some kills but the risk is too high, if a team lands first they have the full advantage and players landing late can just instantly get killed which results in losing the points.

You might be confused as to which approach earns more points, for ranking up faster I see that the Defensive gameplay works the best but if you want to gain serious skills you need to opt for the much Aggressive gameplay.

You need to understand the PUBG rating system to decide how you want to strategize your gameplay.

PUBG Mobile uses something called an ELO rating system. This system is a method where you earn more ranking points for overperforming higher rated opponents and lose ranking points for underperforming lower rated ones. Now on a side note Unless you’re playing competetive gaming stop caring about ranks and have fun, but if youre serious about ranks read further.

PUBG Mobile’s Ranking system uses the following formula


Survival Rating is based on Wins. The higher you place per match the higher your Survival Rating. Kill Rating is based on the number of kills you made & how you were killed.  However, it is important to note that kill rating only effects your overall rating by 20%, so you should prioritize the win over kills.

And above all PUBG is a “Survival Game”. When a match loads, your survival and kill ratings are added to two different pools along with the survival and kill ratings of all 99 other players. Everyone is then assigned a rank based on your ratings comparably. The highest rating player will be given rank #1 and the lowest rating player rank #100. Based on these rankings each player is then assigned a Win percentile that directly correlates to how many points they will gain or lose after the matches completion. Think of a 1st Place Chicken Winner as a 100% win and a 10th Place as a 90% win. If your ratings put you at rank #1 in your match that means you have the highest chance of winning so you’ll more then likely require a higher Win percentile to maintain your current rank. It is important to note that all 100 players can have very similar ratings and therefore require similar Win percentiles. In these scenarios the highest ranking player may not see a big loss in points if dying early. However, when the rating pool is drastically spread out, lets say from bronze to platinum, the highest rating platinum player will see a large loss in points if dying early.

Now I hope you actually understand what all things affect your ratings and ranks, following are some tips to rank up faster.

  • Choose a mode and Stick to it

If you constantly keep on juggling between duos, squads, solos you cant rank up in any of them instead choose one and stick with it for the whole season, you can either choose FPP or TPP based on your choice of gameplay.

  • Survive

I will remind it again “PUBG is more of a Survival game not a Shooter” ofcourse I am not suggesting that you camp all the circles but its preferable if you’re pushing ranks, as yoyu know kill rating only makes up 20% of the total points so “SURVIVE” its important that you make it atleast upto top 10.

  • Prefer Zone over Kills

I see a lot of people make this mistake, even if its a easy kill go for Zone first then engage in gun fights rather than getting those few kills and then dying to Zone. Always own the “Best real estate in the zone”

  • Damage Counts

This is a point that’s overlooked but how much your character is healed in the entire game also contributes to your total points. So its important that you always heal back up completely after a gun fight and keep boosted up.

There is a dirty little secret how you can use this loophole to your advantage, as the first 2-3 circle give a lot less damage, drop down at a distant place gather as much as healings possible take damage from the zone and Heal up, repeat the process, this actually gives you greater points but don’t try this in final circles.

  • Play Sanhok

There are two reasons why this is suggested, firstly the Map is small and hence it takes lot less time than the regular maps it usually takes about 25 minutes, secondly loot is abundant wherever you drop, you can drop anywhere without fearing of finding not enough Loot.

  • Play Vikendi

Again its a newly introduced map and hence most people are unaware of it you can rack up decent kills and gain a good number of points opting for this map.

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