The Best PUBG Mobile Players in the World

Note 1 : we are not ranking or comparing anyone here, all the players listed here have mastered the skills and are unmatchable in terms of game sense to any one else in this list or in the PUBG Mobile community.

Those Godlike moves, insane headshots, unbeatable strategies overcoming all the adversities to stand on top and being the last man standing with that “Chicken Dinner” the following people have mastered the art of it, you can follow them on Youtube/Twitch for informative gameplay videos and much more.

Let’s get started

  • SOUŁ々Casetoo

The famous SOUŁ clan of India rose to Fame because of their insane gameplay videos on Youtube and gained a lot of followers in India and across the world, this guy stands in the list not just because of his skills but also because of his informative gameplay videos on Youtube, he breaks down his strategies before he undertakes any action on the field and then explains how he executes them, Hands down his channel on youtube is one of the most informative PUBG Mobile Guides on the internet.with around 239K subscribers on Youtube at the time of writing this article, those numbers speak for themselves.

  • GodL sc0utOP

Playing for GodLike clan this guy’s moves are insane, also participated in PMSC championships representing India, his gameplay videos speak for themselves, probably one of the best PUBG Mobile Player in India, His aggressive gameplay is Just OP.

Go check him out on youtube and find it out for yourselves.

  • SP \ Coffin

If youre a avid PUBG fan you have probably heard his name, COFFIN mostly known for hotdropping in higher tiers that too SOLO vs SQUADS, he plays both FPP and TPP seamlessly and has mastered them both, his gameplay videos are just insane, 1v4 clutches you can watch them all day Long. Lot of people even argue that he is the best PUBG player ever.

  • Rex Regum Qeon – RRQ

It wont be good if i pick a single player from this Pro Indonesian Clan, theyre inarguably the best PUBG mobile Clan in the world and they have proven it, their Awards talk for themselves, they’re the winners of PMSC global finals held in Dubai 2018. they’re just invincible in close combats.

  • LO – Rolex

This list would be incomplete without this guy, PWK/Star challenge NA regional champion, professional  PUBG Mobile player for Lights Out PUBG, Is probably most inasane PUBG mobile player we ever witnessed, known for his Over Powered Aggressive Gameplay this kid can make any Person go “Woah” in a split second. don’t belive us ? Checkout for yourself on his Youtube Channel.

  • SOUŁ々MortaL

Without a doubt this guy brought the shine to PUBG Mobile Gaming community of India, known worldwide too he is so far the best Indian PUBG Mobile Player, Mostly known for his strategic gameplay and that Epic “Heal Battle” that made him an overnight sensation, is determined and the most humble and down to earth player as his Fans would call him, this guy Hit a MIllion subs on youtube recently, go checkout this lad for his gameplays.

  • The Bushka

Bushka or what we would like to call him Prof Bushka is the best informative PUBG Mobile channel on the youtube, his videos are just awesome, watch his videos and follow his advices, I can guarantee you you’ll end up with those chicken dinners.

  • Biu Biu

This guy is a youtube sensation and completes this list, known for his recoil control and affinity for AR’s over snipers, he is often discussed as the best PUBG Mobile player as of now, he still prefers to play with random teammates and people love it when they get to see Biu Biu in their squad.

Note 2 : I might have missed many players on this list and its obvious that I cant list everyone here, so let us know in the comments below what other PRO Players you follow and we missed.

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