Welcome to Foldable Smartphones Era

They’re here, it seems like 2019 is going to be the Year of “Foldable Smartphone”, once a concept phones are now a Reality. In this article we are trying to shed some light on all the options available today in Foldable Smartphone Section. Popular companies like Huawei and Samsung are in this game, and they have already launched their smartphone is the category, which were rumoured years back.
We are going to start off with Huawei
1. Huawei Mate X

This is the most recently launched device by Huawei and is a Tough competitor to Samsung, presented to the world at MWC 2019, this gives you a full 8 inch screen when opened completely, when you fold it you get screens both in front and at rear, it seems much thinner and packs up some decent specs and is powered by a Kirin 980 chipset and it does support 5G as well.

This device folds outwards rather than inwards as in Samsung’s Phone
2 . Samsung Galaxy Fold

Yes, the mighty Samsung is in this game too, after lots of Leaks and Rumours it’s finally here, device boasts a 7.3 Inch Screen, and as far as specs are concerned, 12GB of RAM with 512GB onboard storage, with a Triple Lens setup that is 16MP+12MP+12MP with a Mighty 4380mAh battery powering it up. Samsung claims that you can run 3 apps at once with ease.
3 . Oppo’s Foldable Phone

They don’t yet have an official announcement, what they do have is a prototype as you can see in the picture, as far as the specifications are concerned we know nothing, we yet have to wait and see. As both phones from Huawei and Samsung are already on sale, oppo wont be waiting on the sidelines.

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