Some Incredible Facts About PUBG

  • PUBG is developed by a gamer with ID – Playerunknown

His real name is Brendan Greene

  • Famous Slang “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” was used by Gamblers in Las Vegas
  • PUBG Mobile is the first ever game that was advertised on Indian Television
  • Map “Erangel” is based on the town of “Chernobyl”
  • Map “Miramar” has a spot where on wall it says “El pollo es mio” meaning “The Chicken is Mine”
  • Map “Erangel” is named after Brendan Greene’s daughter

Eryn > Eryn + Angel > Erangel

  • Shape of the Blue as well as White circles were meant to be Square but as Brendan had difficulties coding it, he used Circular areas instead

That’s it, Thanks for reading.

May the Chicken be with you

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