PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 Finals : 20 Top Class Teams 1 Winner

PUBG Mobile is a eSport now and PUBG Mobile in partnership with Oppo held a eSports competition with a name “PUBG Mobile India Series 2019” competition in its final stage was hosted on March 10 at GMC Balayogi Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad.

Here are some statistics which Tencent Games India Stated

– They held around 4,00,000 games that include online qualifiers too, competition had around 5,75,000 registrations out of which only 80 players would make it to the final stage and fight it out at Hyderabad.

– Rules to register for tournament included, player had to be an Indian Resident and should have reached level 20 atleast.

The competition at its Final stage saw some reknowned clans from India and also some new Clans. Some of them are Funky Monkey, SOUL, God’s Reign, ARROW, RIP Official, Team INF, SL4Y etc.

Competition even rewards individual players on some factors, titles that will be awarded for individual performances are Exterminators, Healers, Redeemer, MVP, Rampage Freak and Lone Ranger.

  • The Exterminator – SOUL Clan
  • Awarded to the team with maximum kills
  • The Healers – Maximus Alpha
  • Awarded to the team with the highest number of revives
  • The Redeemer – MAX | Satan
  • Awarded to the player with the highest amount of health restored
  • The Lone Ranger – GOD’s | ITSKK
  • Awarded to the player with the maximum survival time
  • MVP – GOD’s | ITSKK

One thing that stood out in whole Finals is that No Single team won the Lobby twice, each for all the 5 matches we had different winners, but the winners selection was made solely on Number of Kills, Survival points etc, so on final calculation it was “Team SOUL” that came on top, they didn’t disappoint their nationwide Fans.

Second Runner Ups –

First Runner Ups – GOD’s

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner – Team SOUL

As an eSports Fan i am glad that Indian eSports Community is growing, once again congratulations to all the teams that participated in the tournament, everybody is a winner here.

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