Truth about Android Antivirus Apps

Most people have atleast one Antivrus app on their android smartphones that they believe in, that is supposed to protect them from the malcious apps but what if the antivirus you run is not effiecient?

Recently AV comparatives released an detailed report of 250 Antivirus apps on their performances as how efficient they were in recognizing the malware and protesting the app in real time, while running in backgroud and even in manual scanning.

And the report was quite shocking as 138 of those Apps are underperforming and even pose a major security threat to your device and your personal data. The test included attempting to install around 2000 malcious apps intentionally and 100 benign apps then they ranked each of the antivirus apps on how accurately the apps caught the threats. Out of 250 apps 80 were smart enough tp find out 30% of all the threats but on the other end  138 were found to be very Risky as they scored below 30% threshold, Apps were identified as Trojan Horses or Potentially unwanted programs.

Here you can see the detailed reports by AV comparatives

How to choose a antivirus App

– Don’t rely on User Reviews on Google Playstore, most companies get the positive reviews by paying and even by ranking their apps higher by getting lots of downloads by unethical ways

– Always check for apps from reknowned companies

– Don’t believe in free apps even from trusted developers

The list of apps that were ranked higher by AV Comparatives


– F – Secure

– G Data

– McAfee

– PSafe


– Bitdefender


– Avast

– Total Defence

– Trend MIcro

– Trustwave

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