What’s new in Season 6 PUBG Mobile ?

As you all might know PUBG Mobile season 5 ended on 18th of March 2019, and season 6 ia sbout begin in few days although rumours say its about to start on 21st of March, the new update is supposed to have some major improvements in the gameplay.

PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 Beta General Update Highlights

– Erangel and Miramar will get the Dynamic weather similar to Sanhok

– Snow map vikendi now has a new Assault Rifle G36C that will replace SCAR-L it uses 5.56 Ammo and can be attached with all the attachements that support M416 except the Tactical Stock

– Sanhok receives a new vehicle named “TUKSHAI” that will replace Dacia, Bus and UAZ

– Vehicle fuel levels, zombie skills and resources are better tuned to give a good gameplay experience

– “I got Supplies” the quick chat message is now a preselected one

– New feedback menu added in the Main Menu

– Alan Walker’s “On My Way” is added as the Main Screen Background Music

– Subscription plans will be available from April

-Added Robit Avatar to Clan System

Few updates to the Royal Pass

– Players can view RP Rankings of others for the region and friends

– Elite pass plus purchase grants 25 ranks instantly

– weekly challenges has more points.

Anniversary Updates

– Birthday parties on Spawn Island

– Light FIreworks and Crates during matches

– Birthday Creates will spawn randomly in match

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